Late Bottled Vintage

Late Bottled Vintage

Rich fruitcake, plum and raisin nose with spice and a touch of oak below. Notes of muscovado sugar and caramel too. The palate is spicy with a bright peppery edge. Sweet, rich and raisin, prune and ripe plum flavour but with lovely dryness as a counterpoint. Genteel and refined with a lovely body, depth and concentration as well as length. Lively and bright throughout. Animated but stylish and poised. Lingering aftertaste.

Tasting Notes

Vintage Notes

The vineyards for this specific blend were chosen from the best Paarl site. The decomposed granite supplied the richness and fullness to the wine.

Winemaking Notes

Grapes are picked by hand, placed into small lug boxes and transported to the cellar in a cool truck. In the cellar, the bunches were de-stemmed and pumped into fermenters. The wines were aged for two years in french oak, bottled unfiltered.

Origin of Fruit


Soil Type

Decomposed granite

The Journey

Spirits at L’Ormarins

The first vintage of L’Ormarins Sagnac was only distilled in 2007, but the journey started in 2005 for Anthonij Rupert Wyne when Johann Rupert initiated the search for an alembic still. Armagnac as a category however is much, much older and was established, by all accounts around 1387 when French Royalty started taking an interest in it.

Armagnac is a distinctive brandy, usually distilled from wine and made from a blend of grapes using a column still rather than a pot still as in the production of Cognac. Similarly Eau de Vie is distilled from various fruits and as the name suggests was seen as the elixir of life by some. At the end of the 17th Century it was merely seen as a preservative. The drinkers of pure Eau de Vie, were no doubt the Dutch sailors. They called it brandewijn.

At the end of the 19th Century improvements were made on the column still, now called the alembic still and a growth in the trade of Eau de Vie encouraged distillers to perfect their equipment. In 2006 an alembic still arrived on L’Ormarins and was installed. Producing 2.5 barrels of Sagnac per vintage between 2007 and 2011. By 2011 “Buks” Willem Venter (the artisanal distiller responsible for L’Ormarins Sagnac and Eau de Vie) was eager to expand the range, having been introduced to the owner of most of the litchi trees in the Malelane region. Laboratory fermentations and distillations were done and the team went commercial with the resultant products in 2013. Both the first vintage of the L’Ormarins Litchi Eau de Vie as well as the L’Ormarins Sagnac was released for the first time in July 2015.



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